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The Irish Lacrosse League All-Stars came 3rd Overall in the Amsterdam Lowlands Lacrosse Tournament. They had some moves on and off the field.

Sticking with the theme of Amsterdam Lowlands Lacrosse 2011, here are some pictures of the ILL All Stars (Irish Lacrosse League All Stars)

The team came back from an early defeat against Hamstead to inch through to the Quarter Finals where they met Hamstead again and fell victim to their experience.

The team finished in 3rd overall.

Although they were probably the only challenger to the Crazy Cows throne in terms of gear. The ILL All Stars were sporting some serious swag at Lowlands.

Some of the team played for Ireland at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships and were wearing slick Team Ireland gloves that fit perfectly with the rest of the ILL All Star uniform.

Check out the pictures and see for yourselves.

I think that Con Bro Chill himself would be proud of this Flowbucket.

It was only fitting that at least one member of the Dreadlax Lacrosse team actually went out and wore dreads while playing.

Having watched a few of their games at the Amsterdam Lowlands Lacrosse tournament, it is safe to say that he was also one of the team’s best players.

Stylish and Skillful – A Dangerous Combination

The Air Jeff

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Lowlands Lacrosse 2011

Check out this sequence of Jeff Rautiola of Global Players Lacrosse Team flying through the air in an effort to score an Air Jeff (Gait)

Check out this sweet string job on a D-pole we found at the Amsterdam Lowlands tournament. It was so glorious we had to blow it up big style.

Sadly we never got to see it in action, but we can only imagine the technicoloured carnage it caused for the opposing attack men.

We want to see more of this swag from D-poles.

EDIT: We spoke to Kevin Klawitter of the Karlsruhe Storm who owns this stick. He said: “Yeah thats my Beauty called ‘Pink Susy’ :) Isn’t she gorgeous?”

Well Kevin, we completely agree with you, Pink Susy is gorgeous. We wish you two many happy years of lax together.

This is what it’s all about folks – beer, sunshine and lax.

Photos courtesy of Jens Schumacher.