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Here is the full video of da-nah-wah’uwsdi – Little War (Mała Wojna in polish) by Ascetoholix.

We thought the trailer had it all…lacrosse, rap, beats, car racing, a boxer. but the full video is even better. Even though I don’t know what they were talking about, I’m heading out the door to (in no particular order): play lacrosse, fight, drive a race car and generally be as awesome as these guys. Enjoy.
Poznan Hussars Lacrosse Club has managed to set up a music video clip with lacrosse about lacrosse! (da-nah-wah’uwsdi – Little War (Mała Wojna in polish). Otherwise we would have no idea what it was about!!!

This little clip has it all…lacrosse, rap, beats, car racing, a boxer. wow. We’re working on getting the full video. Stay tuned!


It is always great to see European lacrosse being featured in mainstream media. The more we can promote lacrosse in Europe, the standard of European Lacrosse will grow significantly as more players take up the game.

This is nice work by the guys in Poland and we hope to see plenty more of these features around Europe with the build up to the European Lacrosse Championships in 2012.

Every so often we get messages from people traveling abroad, helping spread this great game that we love.

Click below to see pictures from American Patrick Crann, involved with, when he traveled to Poland. He conducted two training sessions – one in Krakow and one in Ocwiecim with the hopes of doing more in the future.